Fourth student pleads guilty in Compton's case

Posted by Jean-Ann Kubler

On March 8 Sakhile Sithole ‘13 pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor, in association with the assault that occurred at Compton's Restaurant last semester.

Four students, Justin Tavarez '13, Elijah Johnston '14, Korvin Vicente '13, and Sithole were arrested on the morning of Dec. 18, 2010 after an altercation with Saratoga Springs resident Christopher McCarthy. According to police reports, Tavarez broke a plate over McCarthy's head and the other three students joined in the altercation, but details of their participation are not clear.

Tavarez was initially charged with a hate crime, but the charges were reduced on Feb. 1 when additional witness testimony suggested the charge was unfounded.

In a press release issued on March 8, Saratoga County District Attorney James A. Murphy said, "Once the five week investigation was completed by the police department, and the DA's office was able to review all the statements and evidence, the ultimate determination to decline to proceed on the hate crime was the appropriate decision."

Tavarez pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault on Feb. 1 and will be sentenced in April.

Vicente and Johnston also pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct earlier this month.

Sithole, Vicente and Johnston will pay $120 fines as a result of their pleas, and will also face possible discipline from the college integrity board. Johnston and Sithole were also briefly suspended from the men's basketball team.

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