Fifth Skidmore Shop Fashion Show this Wednesday: Students can enjoy free food, music and prizes as student and staff models walk down the runway

Posted by Julia Leef

Models will walk down the runway as students walk away from the Skidmore Shop's fifth Annual Fashion Show with prizes, free food and more starting at 8 p.m. on Dec. 7 in the Spa.

The Fashion Show is the second in a string of events in the Spa, beginning with the SGA speech night at 7:30 p.m., during which candidates for vice president of Diversity Affairs will speak to the public.

"I think having the SGA speech night will bring a crowd in early and to stay," said Bob Carlton, technology sales and social program administrator at the Skidmore Shop, who emcees the show in addition to working with sponsors and coordinating the event.

"It shows that other departments and groups are starting to get involved. Case Center has a lot to offer. The fact that people are here and using it on a Wednesday night is something that we'd like to see," Carlton said.

Organizers originally had difficulty securing enough student models to participate in the Fashion Show, but now in its fifth year they said they have seen an increase in the number of willing participants, including members of the staff and their children.

While the ratio of staff to student models is three to one, there is an equal percentage of male and female participants in contrast to the first year, in which there were problems getting male students interested in modeling.

"It has grown into something people are looking for to do and to participate in," said Dawn Greenlaw, assistant director of operations at the Skidmore Shop, who coordinates the models and their outfits.

In addition to these changes over the years, the Skidmore Shop first held its show during the spring semester, instead of in conjunction with holiday events, as it does now with holiday discount shopping opportunities. Starting at 11:30 a.m., students may spin the "wheel of discounts" to win up to 50 percent off all of their purchases until 11 p.m.

"We had these two really great events that together have a much bigger impact," Carlton said. "It [the holiday sales] generates some excitement for our customers and adds some nuance to coming in for a sale."

Organizers also said the show has grown in both popularity and manageability.

"With repetition, you begin to remember what worked and what didn't work," said John Neil, associate director of business services and director of the Skidmore Shop. "Now we have people coming to us, being a part of it and just having fun. That aspect of it has been contagious."

Attendees may now enjoy free food courtesy of Dining Services, which will provide a buffet from 8 to 11 p.m., including vegan and vegetarian options. For entertainment, the student band Slim Charles will play at 10 p.m., following the Fashion Show.

Students also can win prizes totaling $1,000, including products from Apple, Moshi, Plum Dandy, Legends Cafe, Sandwych and Esperantos. Until 8 p.m. tomorrow, students may fill out a raffle at the Skidmore Shop or post on its Facebook page. Organizers will draw the winners at the event. Winners must be present to receive their prizes.

"Even if you don't win, you still win," Carlton said. "We really make it worth your while to show up. Even if you don't win a prize, it's still a lot of fun - the food and the social aspect of it. It's a good way to relieve some stress as students are walking into finals. We hope to see everyone there."

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