EAC to compost food in Northwoods and Scribner

Posted by Kat Kullman

On Tuesday, Oct. 19, the Senate of the Student Government Association discussed a proposition from the Environmental Action Club regarding a new Green Initiative, a project involving composting on the college's campus.

Everett Hoffman, '11 and Talia Arnow, '13 spoke to Senate about the new initiative from the Subcommittee on Composting that aims to encourage residents in Northwoods apartments to compost their pre-consumed materials (primarily raw foods).

Houses that expressed an interest would be given a pail for composting by the EAC. The house would then be responsible for returning the pail at the end of the semester.

"We're going to try and get everyone in Northwoods who's interested a pail for composting. We'll also have intermediary compost piles that will be emptied weekly or bi-weekly to make it really easy for everybody to do this and keep it cleaner," Arnow said.

To begin the process the Subcommittee plans to go door-to-door in Northwoods Village and talk to the residents about the plan. They believe that personally meeting with and speaking to students will be more effective than sending an e-mail and will help get people excited about the project.

This movement would start in Northwoods, but would hopefully move to Scribner and potentially even Murray-Aikens Dining Hall.

"We're hoping people will really latch onto this. We even want to talk to Mike West [chairman of the Subcommittee for IPPC Budget and Finance] so that they can have a compost plan in the new buildings," Arnow said.

She also said the movement will be easily recognizable, with a newly designed logo on all the pails and handouts.

Hoffman emphasized how little effort it takes on the part of students to begin the process. "I actually composted a successful amount last year in Scribner. My personal slogan for this is, "Everybody's composting, what's your excuse?" It'll be super easy, and there's no reason you can't do it," he said.

The project will hopefully begin in the next few weeks.

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