Construction to Scribner Village proceeds on schedule: New units to be built following the demolition of the middle portion of Scribner Village

Posted by Julia Leef

The completion of Phase 1A of the Scribner Village Replacement Project marks the steady progress of a construction renovation that has been in the works for the past three years.

The new Residence Hall group held its first meeting on Feb. 27, 2009, to discuss plans for installing new apartment units in Scribner Village and tearing down older ones.

Workers recently completed the approximately 14-month-long construction of three additional units in the Northwoods Apartments complex –10, 12 and 14 Whitman Way – on time and on budget. Each unit houses 38 students in three- and four- bedroom apartments. Students have been living there since mid-January.

Don Hastings, director of Residential Life, reports that construction has proceeded on schedule. "It could not have been smoother," Hastings said. "We, of course, had some minor blips and concerns, for example, some door bells that went rogue, but nothing outside a normal new construction punch-list. The new residents have been great."

Phase 1B, which involves the construction of the two unnamed new Steep Slope apartments, is also on schedule. Each unit will house 57 students in five-person apartments, which will be available during room selection in April, and will open in the fall semester.

Construction for Phase 2, the Scribner Village replacement project, will begin this summer after commencement. The middle portion of Scribner Village is scheduled for demolition shortly after graduation, upon which the construction crew will build seven new units. Each unit will house approximately 34 students in 4-bedroom apartments.

Students will live in the 22 lower rung Scribner Village apartments for the 2012-2013 academic year. The new Scribner units will become available during April's room selection for Fall 2013. The remaining 22 Scribner Village apartments will then be torn down.

The construction project will yield a total of 466 new beds upon the complete replacement of Scribner Village, which currently houses only 282 beds.

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