Club presidents, SGA to deliberate new club impeachment policy: Proposed amendment to Club Policies and Procedures voids clubs' individual policies

Posted by Julia Leef

On March 21, Vice President for Club Affairs Logan Brenner sent an email to all of Skidmore's Club presidents detailing changes to the Club Affairs Committee (CAC) Policies and Procedures.

This CAC document is the governing law of student organizations. On Monday night the presidents will make any suggestions or criticisms of the changes; then on next Tuesday night, April 3, SGA Senate will vote on the proposed amendment.

Most of the changes consist of minor amendments or clarifications, with the exception of an entirely new section on impeachment. This article outlines a brand new impeachment process granting SGA involvement while also voiding all clubs' previous impeachment policies.

In this new article, the vice president for Club Affairs must be informed of the intent to impeach as well as the club's final decision regarding the impeachment.

The article, as it stands now, states that, "Impeachment will be determined by a two-thirds majority vote by members who have attended at least 50 percent of the club meetings."

The concerned officer who brought up the impeachment or the impeached officer in question may appeal to the SGA Executive Board, and the entire process must be completed within three weeks after the initial meeting to address the issue.

The new changes to the Polices and Procedures has not yet been finalized, Brenner said, and revisions are still in progress.

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