Club presidents finalize the changes to the CAC Policies and Procedures: The final revision will be put before the SGA Senate next Tuesday

Posted by Julia Leef

After a meeting with the College's club presidents on Monday evening, March 26, the group made its final revisions to the Club Affairs Committee (CAC) Policies and Procedures, which will be presented to the Student Government Association Senate Meeting on Tuesday, April 3. 

Previously, both the concerned member of an organization who requested a meeting to discuss the impeachment of an officer, as well as the impeached officer, could appeal to the SGA Executive board. Now, only the impeached officer may do so.

In the revised policy, the impeachment process may only come as the result of an ethical violation or a failure to perform the duties as deemed by that club's charter.

The Club Affairs committee has considered making these revisions as early as last semester, according to Logan Brenner, vice president for Club Affairs.

The amendment process for updating the policy involves getting as much feedback as possible from the club presidents, Brenner said, in order to make changes accordingly.

"During the presidents' council meeting, students had the opportunity to share with me their concerns or suggestions," Brenner said. "I also incorporated some suggestions that I received electronically during the week before the meeting. Senate will have the final vote on whether to update the policies according to my proposed amendments."

In particular, Brenner said she received many suggestions pertaining specifically to the newly written impeachment clause.

"Impeachment is a difficult and sensitive process for all parties involved," Brenner said. "Creating a uniform process is meant to create equality between all clubs and provide a support system and a consistent methodology for those undergoing the process."

The clause also adds in new language that requires a club to inform the vice president for Club Affairs of impeachment, and voids the impeachment clauses in clubs' charters.

Brenner cited several reasons for this latter change, including the limited number of charters that have impeachment clauses, some of which are vague and unclear, and several of these clauses are identical, an attempt at consistency by a former VPCA that was discontinued.

The Policies and Procedures will be sent to the club presidents and will continue to be revised before its appearance in Senate.

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