Car damages transformer, causing power outage in Northwoods Village

Posted by Rachel Kim

In the morning hours of Oct. 20, a car struck and damaged a transformer located in the Northwoods Village. According to the Saratogian, the incident left three apartment buildings and 114 people without electricity.

"The transformer affecting the power outage to several Northwoods buildings must be removed and repaired, which will take about a week," said Community Coordinator for Residential Life Joseph Murphy in an email sent to Northwoods residents earlier today.

Power returned late Monday afternoon after a generator was installed to temporarily replace the damaged transformer. The generator will supply the apartments with electricity for the remainder of the week.

The driver responsible for the damage done left the scene without reporting it to Campus Safety.

Students and other community members can report tips by calling the anonymous TIPS Hotline at 518-580-8477.

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