Burglaries continue in Scribner Village apartments: Similarities in modus operandi may indicate the cases are related

Posted by Julia Leef

Police are still investigating incidents on March 4 and on an unknown date during spring break, in which unknown subjects broke into two Scribner Village apartments through unlocked kitchen windows, stealing several items of liquor and, in the latter incident, some food items. Since that time, there have not been any new leads on either case.

According to an email sent out to the student body by Campus Safety, the residents of the apartment that was robbed on March 4 went to bed at approximately 1:30 a.m. and noticed, upon arising at approximately 8:30 a.m., that someone had entered their apartment but had stolen nothing else except for several liquor items. Campus Safety officers did not find anything after searching the area.

A similar incident took place over spring break in another apartment, and again, Campus Safety did not find anything in the immediate area. Despite the similarities--both incidents involved the subject(s) entering through an unlocked kitchen window and stealing liquor--Campus Safety has not yet determined whether these two cases are linked, according to Dennis Conway, director of Campus Safety.

"In these situations, you look for similarities and the modus operandi, how they do it and what they take," Conway said. "They're both similar in this case, so it's a possibility. They've been taking these specific items, instead of others right out in the open that have been of considerably more value."

Campus Safety is working with the Saratoga Springs Police Department to speak with facility workers who were on campus during spring break, and has increased patrols and stationed extra officers in the Scribner Village area. Officers have also spoken with the locals to determine if any similar incidents have occurred off-campus.

"We're going to keep working on it, and hopefully we'll get some leads from people in the area," Conway said. "This is uncommon in the sense that the two cases are so similar. We've had burglaries from time to time over the past, usually as the result of an unlocked door. Everybody should really take affirm steps to make sure their doors and windows are locked."

Anyone with any information regarding these incidents should contact Campus Safety at extension x5566 or the Campus Safety TIPS line at extension x8477. The Saratoga Springs Police may also be reached at 584-1800.

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