Brazilian Guitar Quartet Review: Starting Zankel?s spring season off right

Posted by Kelsea Schimmel

Launching Zankel's Spring 2014 events, the Brazilian Guitar Quartet performed in Zankel on Thursday, Jan. 30.  A world-renowned group, the quartet won the 2011 Latin Grammy Awards for "Best Classical Album," and has been praised for its "seductive beauty" and "virtuosic gusto."  With a unique combination of six-string and eight-string guitars, the group has a traditional Brazilian sound and is able to perform an original and unusual repertoire. The group has performed over 250 times in America, Europe and Asia for more than a decade.

 The Brazilian Guitar Quartet masterfully performs traditional music, embodying the sounds and styles of Brazilian taste and culture.  Brazilian music is often referred to as samba, a genre of music that reflects the styles of Africa, Portugal and India.  In the 1960's, Samba mixed with American Jazz and became 'bossa nova'. This style is much more contemporary, yet still maintains its traditional roots.  Classical music is also prominent in Brazil, but maintains the traditional samba sound.  The Brazilian Guitar Quartet brilliantly performed the traditional sounds of Brazilian Samba, paving the way for the exciting 2014 spring season at Zankel.  Check out their latest CD, Spanish Dances, and get ready for more musical talent this spring.

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