Benefit concert boosts donations

Posted by Jessica Strasser

On Thurs. Feb. 24, Falstaff's was filled with the sounds of goodwill.

Lively Lucy's hosted the Orphanage Outreach Benefit Concert to support a group of student volunteers who will be going on a service trip during spring break.

The group of student volunteers will be traveling to Monte Cristi, a province in the Dominican Republic.

The trip was made possible by Orphanage Outreach, an organization through which volunteers serve to educate orphaned, abandoned and disadvantaged children.

The student volunteers believe that through principles such as selflessness and ‘serving, not helping,' impact can be made not only in the lives of the children, but in all those in the community.

The service trip was organized in part by Sara Mae Hickey '12, who "had wanted to do a service trip," one of the main organizers of the concert Sarah Dinkleacker ‘14 said.

Through the International Affairs Club, Student Announcements and word of mouth, the trip brought together 19 volunteers.

The group will be going to the Hope of a Child Orphanage in Monte Cristi. Dinkelacker explained students will "go to the school and teach the kids … the importance of boiling water, washing your hands, brushing teeth and how to prevent cholera."

Cholera prevention is especially key, as Monte Cristi is near Haiti, where many are currently struggling with a large cholera outbreak.

"We don't know everything we are going to have to do at the orphanage yet. The program really emphasizes flexibility and doing whatever task is needed of you at the time," Dinkelacker said.

The concert came about as a means of fundraising. The student volunteers had a short amount of time to collect a multitude of items, including shampoo and conditioner, cold medicine, school supplies and clothing.

Holding a benefit concert at Falstaff's was "the best way to get the things we needed … and make it known what we were doing," Dinkelacker said.

Holding the concert would give the group an open forum to explain exactly what its mission was in a more interactive matter.

The benefit concert also allowed those who donated to know exactly what their money was supporting.

"I know whenever I am going to give to a charity I prefer it to be one where I know exactly what [the money] is going to," Dinkelacker said.

The concert filled Falstaff's with students who came to donate and listen to the sounds of many of the college's performance groups.

After a beginning set from DJ Franny Unicorn, the stage was graced with the presence of Lift Every Voice, the Accents, Skidaiko, the Drastic Measures, Joanna Schubert, Matt Gaydar, the Dynamics and the debut performance of the Treblemakers, the college's new all-inclusive a capella group.

Each group performed two pieces and many of the a capella groups premiered new songs to the excitement of a full house.

Student bands MaryLeigh and the Fauves and Weekend Girlfriend closed the show to a dancing, engaged crowd.

The orderly rows of chairs were cleared out to create a dance floor and the crowd took advantage of the opportunity to dance the night away.

In addition, donations and supplies were collected at the door and a bake sale and raffle for items such as a Plum Dandy gift card and calendars were held.

Dinkelacker and Hickey took the stage between each act to explain that the money raised would be used to supply essentials such as clean water to the children of the orphanage.

Overall, a fantastic, fun-filled night was had by all to support a great cause and the concert was a success. More than $500 was raised, and the large box for supplies was filled completely.

Anyone hoping to support this cause still has time to donate. The student volunteers will have a donation box in Case and collect supplies. Any gently-used items or monetary donations can make a difference. A full list of items can be found on their Facebook page.

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