Band Trailer debuts

Posted by Jean-Ann Kubler

On April 2, a new space for bands to practice became available to the college community.

Informally known as the "band trailer," the space is located behind Falstaff's.

Members of student bands began petitioning for extra space to practice on campus last fall.

Prior to the opening of the band trailer, Wilson Chapel was the most readily available practice space for student bands, but was difficult to book because it is also used for other campus activities.

"The petition wound up on my desk and in consultation with Mike Hall, the director of financial planning and budgeting, Paul Lundberg from facilities and some of the students involved in the petition I put together a Presidential Discretionary Fund request for just more than $10,000 to create the space," said Robin Adams, assistant director of student leadership activities.

The trailer is currently just a soundproof room.

Adams said he hopes to get a PA system installed and a drum set put in as soon as possible.

"I hope to get more equipment for the room so you don't have to spend tons of time setting up and tearing down and your time slots can be used for practice rather than taking apart drum kits," Adams wrote in an e-mail to students on April 6.

Students can reserve the space for three hours at a time.

A sign up sheet is available outside of Adams' office in Case 226b.

The key to the trailer can be picked up at the Campus Safety office in the basement of Jonsson Tower.

"Be respectful of the space. If it gets trashed then it's done. Both myself and Campus Safety will pop in periodically to make sure it's in good shape but I'll expect you to police yourselves on this one," Adams' wrote.

Students are reacting positively to the additional practice space.

"I think [creating the space] is one of the most productive things Skidmore has done in a while. The trailer is pretty much everything you can ask for as student band," said Warren Bianci '11, bassist for the student band Houseboat.

Though it is still in its trial phase, Adams said if everything goes well he hopes to install a more permanent practice space on campus.

Students can send questions and suggestions for improvement to Adams at

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