A Senior Girl's Survival Guide & Rules for Texting in the Dating Pool: What Would C. Do? Advice from an Anonymous Friend

Posted by C.

Attention, Senior girls/women/witches/warlocks/what-have-you: This is a sad, sad time for us. We have officially landed on the lowest tier of the totem pole of courtship. I know this is a pessimistic thought, but as I write this I am three pizza slices deep after my first day of trying to be healthy; so please, spare me, as I am not in a post-sex euphoric state.

This brings me to the main concern of my current standing as a senior girl trying to get frisky: the competition is stiffer than an over-ripe banana. There are the new faces of the freshmen, the slightly seasoned sophomores and the not-so-juvenile juniors. And then... there are the senior girls. 

Senior girls have a minimal pool of potential mates; we've had many more semesters to mix and mingle with our potential prospects. We've had multiple semesters to scope the scene and for the scene to scope us out as well.

When you're a senior, canoodling within the senior class seems feasible and not as sour as you would think, but there are things to consider: First, you have probably hooked up with the people you have wanted to by now. Second, your prospect may already have a significant other that has been in the works for years. Third and final, the eyes of senior boys are probably on the new set of chicks flocking into this coup.

Then there are the juniors, sophomores and freshmen. The juniors are a compatible bunch, but they are followed by a steep ride on the cougar train. As your partners get younger and younger, the situation gets weirder and weirder. Unfortunately, there is a double standard in place that gives guys a greater range of flexibility with the age of their intimate associate, but if you purr like me, it is okay to cougar it up (well, really down) for some awkwardly adolescent kisses and touching every once in a while.

On to the question:
Dear C.,
I just started talking to this guy that seems great. I'm really into him and I think he definitely likes me,--I'm just not sure in what way. We text all the time, but what does it mean if he doesn't text me first, but when I text him he answers super quickly?
-First is the Worst?

Dear First is the Worst?,
We are conditioned to think guys must make the first move, but that's not the case.
It surprises me how many ladies still tame their loins because they don't want to be the first one to text, so good for you for doing you!

Just because he's not trying to call you, beep you, when YOU want him to reach you, doesn't mean he's not into you. However, when he answers quickly, it doesn't necessarily indicate anything other than his strong attachment to his phone.

First is only the worst when it gets excessive and annoying. Soak up this piece of common knowledge: Don't be a "texual cling-on!" You should not ALWAYS be the one initiating conversation. Give yourself some time to distance your heart and/or horniness from your QWERTY keyboard. If he is into you and wants to talk to you, he's going to make the effort and hopefully will send some sweet nothings your way.

If you want to have a chance for him to initiate a text, cease conversation for a while and see if he comes around. Do not set any expectations. If he doesn't try to get in contact with you virtually or physically, then you have a clearer, although slightly more somber, idea of his feelings for you.

Maintain a solid friendship even if things don't work out as desired. If they do, I wish you many moons of face-to-face conversation!

Stars and hearts,


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