A Rare Moment of Perspective

Posted by Jack Rosen

Skidmore is a place full of ideas. Every day we debate and discuss issues such as poverty, justice, the penal system, opportunity and equality, and we often read books that discuss such issues. We study one author who argues that those who find themselves in prison are fully deserving of their fate; then we read the work of another writer who suggests that the imprisoned are often the victims of circumstance. Yet the perspectives on poverty, prison and justice that we examine are almost always scholarly.

It is rare at Skidmore to hear the perspective of someone who has truly experienced the challenges of America's economic and penal systems. However, the upcoming lecture "From Parole to Prosperity" promises to be a rare exception. In an event co-sponsored by Bene-Faction, Shelters of Saratoga, The Skidmo' Daily and the College's Social Work department, Kelvin Davis will speak about growing up in Bed-Stuy, his twenty four year incarceration, the events leading up to it and his quest to prevent at-risk youth from succumbing to a similar fate. A truly charismatic speaker, Kelvin will offer attendees a perspective that cannot be found in impersonal academic articles.

The lecture will take place at 6 p.m., Monday, April 14in the Emerson Auditorium. After Kelvin speaks, there will be a Q&A followed by food and refreshments, generously donated by Esperanto. Those interested in attending are encouraged to come slightly early, as space will be limited and a high turnout is expected.

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