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Finding Art in All the Open Spaces

Have you ever wondered about the colorful strands of yarn decorating the pillars near the library? Or the threads spiraled around the handles of the Saisselin Art Building’s doors? I’ll let you in on a little secret: they’re all part of the mission behind the Skid Art Collectiv.

Ali Stroker Is Breaking Down Broadway Boundaries

Ali Stroker, Broadway performer and social activist, visited Skidmore on Nov. 29 to give an inspiring talk about how she overcame her disability and became the first wheelchair-using actress to appear on Broadway. Her career has taken her everywhere, from appearing on hit television shows like Glee, The Glee Project and Faking It to performing in Oklahoma and Spring Awakening. She has also worked with Be More Heroic, an anti-bullying campaign, United Cerebral Palsy of New York City, and ARTS InsideOut in South Africa, trying to help as many as she can feel empowered the way she does.

That Time of the Month Just Got a Bit Easier

Skidmore’s Peer Health Educators (PHEs) and the Health Promotions director, Jennifer McDonald, have created a campaign to provide tampons and pads to all restrooms around campus.
 They have been offering free menstrual products out of the Student Wellness Center for several years, but were searching for a more accessible option.

An Evening with Hugo Genes, Director of 'Collegetown'

Hugo Genes sits at a long table at Sushi Thai Garden in downtown Saratoga Springs on a rainy Nov. 5 night. Stoic and sturdy with a handsomely-structured face, he greets us warmly as we walk in for the dinner-dialogue, an event sponsored by the MDOCs program and Associate Dean of the Faculty Ron Seyb. After this dinner, Genes will adjourn to Emerson Auditorium, to premiere his latest feature-length independent film, Collegetown.

Skidmore News' Guide to the NYS Midterms

The midterm elections are coming up fast — Nov. 6, to be exact — and there are a lot of names and seats on the ballot that may be confusing for the average voter. But don’t fear, Skidmore News has gone through the local ballot and created a guide to both the Republican and Democratic nominees!

"Like Sugar:" A Sweet Treat for The Tang

When we talk about sugar, we often reminisce about the taste of a cake or the smoothness of a sweet cocktail. Rarely do we mention sugar’s dark past: its roots haunted by colonial ties to distant lands. English Professor Sarah Goodwin, with her Tang exhibit “Like Sugar,” sets out to prove that this treat isn’t actually all that sweet.