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"Widows": A Different Kind of Heist Movie

Steve McQueen’s Widows opens with a passionate kiss between Veronica Rawlings (Viola Davis) and her husband Harry (Liam Neeson), before cutting to a brutal, chaotic robbery carried out by Harry and his partners. More jarring cuts show the serene domestic lives of the other partners and their wives—Linda (Michelle Rodriguez), Alice (Elizabeth Debicki), and Amanda (Carrie Coon)—as the robbers attempt to evade the authorities. This is not a heist movie about hardened, macho criminals, but rather, it’s about the now widows learning to take on those roles themselves.

Bonnets and Booze: Inside the MainStage Production

Blending comedy and drama together, Bonnets attacks inherited trauma head-on, providing characters that react like real people. The play, which opens on Nov. 16 and deals with themes of addiction, inheritance and womanhood, was written and directed by Julia May Jonas, professor of playwriting at Skidmore.

Beatlemore Skidmania 2018: A Preview

Beatlemore 2018 is set to kick off with 14 acts, some student-formed bands, and others like Skidmore's own acapella groups. The show will be focusing on the White Album, which is sure to transport the Skidmore community and greater Saratoga area to 1968 this Friday, Nov. 16, with an 8 p.m. show, and two more the following day, at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.

The Duality of Man: Jason Ross on His Music and Style

When talking to Jason Ross ‘20, it is easy to see that his love for, and delight in, music has only grown from his early years. A music major and arts administration minor, Ross will be releasing his debut EP, The Duality of Man, on Nov. 9, alongside another EP, Pictoria Vark, which he’s collaborated on.

A Brief Look into "Pressed"'s Six Contemporaries

From intricate wood prints to windows, the new Schick exhibit, “Pressed: Six Contemporary Printmakers,” has something for every viewer. The show, which opened during celebration weekend, displays artist who share parts of their lives in their work, allowing viewers to almost become part of the artist themselves

Down the Rabbit Hole and into Tim Davis' Mind

Now an accomplished photographer, videographer, and certified collector (among other passions), Davis will be showcasing much of his work in a new Tang exhibit titled When We Dance (I get Ideas), which opens Oct. 20. Here, viewers will get a look into his eclectic passions and unique approach to art.

How to View Art, Rather Than Just Seeing It

Do you ever find yourself looking at pieces of art and not really understanding what it is you’re looking at? Or rushing through museums because “You’ve seen all the exhibits?” To investigate how to solve these common art mistakes, the Skidmore News interviewed multiple professors to get their perspective on how to view art, not just see it.

Another Night of Comedy with AKT!

On October 6th, Awkward Kids Talking filled the auditorium with a laughing audience as they performed their first show of the year, the Newbie Show, to debut their new cast members and provide an entertaining night for all in attendance.

The Moth Visits Skidmore for an Intimate Week of Storytelling

The Moth, a popular storytelling nonprofit, visited Skidmore to lead three days of educational workshops with students and faculty, which all culminated into a StorySLAM event that took place on Sept. 30 at Zankel. A total of ten students took to the mic to tell a five-minute story without notes, resulting in an intriguing talk about their personal transformations.

The Concert Countdown: Oct. 3–Oct. 9, 2018

There are countless concerts in and around Saratoga Springs, featuring anyone from unknown bands to radio pop stars. This week, there’s anything from classic Americana from The North and South Dakotas, to eclectic funk from Turkuaz. Here are the top five concerts in and around Saratoga Springs this week!