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More Than A Pulse in Your Veins

The Pulse final show kicked off at Davis Auditorium with a huge uproar from the crowd. Members of the performing group opened up the show in the dimmed light of Davis auditorium, while wearing ties as bands on their eyes. Check out our video with Pulse for the interview and some performances.

Small Mouth Sounds, Big Impact

Despite the certain brand of uneasiness I typically begin to feel when I’m surrounded by theater majors, I walked into Small Mouth Sounds on Nov. 12 with the intent of enjoying myself. Small Mouth Sounds centers on six distinct personalities, lead by a “teacher” who only appears as a voice played through the speakers, as they fumble through a nature retreat during which talking is prohibited.

17th Annual Beatlemore Skidmania: Trippy and Loud

In what seems like a whirlwind, Beatlemore Skidmania has come and gone as the weekend of Nov. 17 comes to an end. Every year, Skidmore students and the Saratoga community come together to celebrate a certain era of The Beatles. The 17th annual show celebrated Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, as well as the transcendent single “Strawberry Fields Forever.

"Antigone:" The Timeless and Hidden Play

When I first reserved my ticket to see the Skidmore studio lab Antigone, I received an email response telling me to keep the production’s location in the chapel a secret. At first, I was confused, but as the play begun, the elaborate set up started to make perfect sense. 

Thor: Ragnarok, More Than Brute Force

In the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Thor is often overlooked. His first two stand-alone films were mediocrely received, and he is usually pushed to the side when on screen with his fellow Avengers. In Thor: Ragnarok, the supporting heroes are brought to the main stage to save the day.

The Man Behind the Music: Paul Simon on Songwriting

On Thursday, Sept. 26, Paul Simon strode into Elisabeth Luce Moore Hall a bit after 3:35, with a casual, “Hi guys, sorry I’m late” to a group of 60 music students. At that moment, this short, balding man in a long-sleeved t-shirt, black jeans, and a baseball cap seemed too ordinary to be legendary. Yet, his voice was unmistakable, and he spoke about songwriting and his life with an air of both thoughtfulness and vast experience. 

When Life Gives You Lemons, Become A Director

One of this fall's studio lab, Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons, tells the story of a couple struggling to communicate in a society in which each individual is limited to 140 words per day. Rebecca Rovezzi '18 is in charge of the show, and recounts her experience here at Skidmore as a student director. Performances begin Oct. 26 and continue to the 28th.

Weaving Together History and Now in 'Woven World'

From mid-October to November, the Schick Gallery is hosting Woven World, an eclectic collection of self-taught indigenous artists redefining historicism through their creations. This exhibit showcases the process that connects each artist: one of knotting, contorting, and wrapping. A process that changes even the strongest materials to malleable ones.

A Photo Documentary on the "Other Side: Art, Object, and Self"

The Other Side: Art, Object, and Self exhibit at the Tang Museum explores and emphasizes contrasting concepts like life and death, seen and unseen, loss and hope, artifice and truth. The exhibition features sculptures, photographs, prints, paintings, and fiber art pieces designed by artists such as Willie Cole, Yinka Shonibare MBE, Jamal Cyrus, Flor Garduño, Tim Hawkinson, Michael Joo, and Miguel Aragón.

In Conversation with Claire Messud

Featured in the 2017 New York Times Magazine article "Who's Afraid of Claire Messud?" and with numerous bestsellers under her belt, it is no surprise that Claire Messud was the featured speaker of this year's Frances Steloff Lecture series at Skidmore College.

It: Can Clowns Be Original Anymore?

Scary movie fans have their fair share of clown-based films to flip through. The summer blockbuster It, based off the famous Stephen King novel, attempts to bring thriller back to its roots with a feel good 80s vibe and missing children. But is the original scary clown old news?